Trash Monster, because why not?

I built this creature for a short film entitled "Funny Feeling". A melodramatic romance, the director intended the film to embrace all that was formulaic within the genre -- opposites attract, unlikely circumstances, montages set to music, and so forth -- with one half of the couple being a creature that manifested from garbage found in an alley. 

Built almost wholly from garbage bags and dry refuse, the actor inside needed not only be able to merely see and breathe, but to execute a dance number, because obviously. When not in motion, the creature does simply look like a pile of trash. It's not until the actor animates and separates his arms, legs, or lifts his head that a viewer is able to distinguish separate appendages. Hurrah! And all throughout, no one in the cast or crew could quite make out where precisely allowances had been made for sight and oxygen, and were discomfited by the fact.  Fantastic.

Picture from on set.
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