Diablo III Necromancer- Trag'oul's Avatar/Blood Set

Diablo III Necromancer- Trag'oul's Avatar/Blood Set 💀❤️💀

This build was inspired by the Trag'oul Necromancer armor set in Diablo III. This set is nicknamed "The Blood Set" so we wanted to make the armor look like it was living and pumping blood. 

In order to make the armor translucent, we sculpted, molded and slush cast the main armor pieces in clear resin (Smooth-Cast 325). 

To replicate the look of flowing veins, we spliced chasing red and blue EL wires ran them along the inside of each translucent armor piece. 

The main feature of the build is the beating hearts in each shoulder piece. For these we sculpted, molded and slush cast two hearts in translucent silicone (DragonSkin). To make them animate, we programmed servo motors that rotate and drag along the inside each heart causing them to "beat".

The armor also completely lights up with red LED strips that are programmed to pulse like a heartbeat and simulate blood flowing through the entire body.
The armor and hearts were airbrushed and hand painted with Creatix/Tim Gore bloodline airbrush paints and European body arts transfusion blood makeup
LEDs, Servo motors and Trinket Pro by Adafruit
The servo motors were controlled via an Elegoo Uno, powered with a 9v battery and a 4 x 1.5V AA battery pack
There are over 470 individual LEDs in this costume
Powered by a TalentCell rechargeable Portable Li-i battery

Close up video of shoulders and head-

Basic tutorial on the hearts-


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