FIRST TIME WITCH ( ODESSA ) student film at Cicely L Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts


The story about an uncle's experience with a witch named Odessa who's goal was to make children’s lives miserable and posses their essence.

The film was based on a true story reflecting on the director's time in Dominican Republic when she was a little girl gathered around with her family. It took 3 months to complete and was karenna's first time at Make-up creations.

CREDITS: Producer, Director, Cameraman: Karenna Azcona, Actors: WITCH ODESSA- Ciara Simmons,

ROSIE- Joseili Rodriguez, UNCLE- Rolando Baugh, DAD- Erin Lambert, LIANE- Faith Stunt man: Alhadj Kande,

You can view the film here;    or

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