SUBMISSION- "RAGNA" silicone multi-piece makeup.

This is a 4 part prosthetic makeup that I sculpted, molded and made pieces for, in silicone. The horns are silicone too and the teeth rigid polyurethane. The hairs are individually punched in. I also created the prop head and all costuming. Many, many hours of work went into creating this monster! 
This makeup was made for, and worn by my good friend Lori and she wore it for 2 very long days at a photography festival in Brisbane, Australia. After a while, edges started to lift a little, but overall I think it looked effective and quite confronting, and the contacts looked amazing! The make-up appears different due to various lighting about the venue, but these pics were taken over the 2 days. 

Connie Gallo ( Gold Coast, Australia )
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