Corpses, Gore, and...Bruising!!!!(this time on purpose)

Hello, wanted to share more of the work with you.  One is the corpse head I made from a skull I bought from Michael's, had a lot of fun making this piece.  Used the same techniques Gary and built out a neck using foam and painted using create and skin illustrator.  The next is a throat tear and I did a couple variations on the blood.  Then Finally my try at bruising.  took a lot from what I did wrong with my sickly makeup since that was an almost an accidental bruise.  Thanks :)


  • Dude! you tell me you cant see a difference between these make up's and the ones you were doing a couple of weeks ago!...great job, that neck looks genuinely nasty and realistic!

    Great job on the skull too...try some thinner layer stuff to break it up too..but generally great job!

    Are you finding the techniques helpful...are you seeing a difference??

  • Thanks very much Gary :D I really appreciate it so much :)
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