A bruise, a bruise...my kingdom for a bruise!...PLEASE!

Kaoime, Mark, Collier, Veronica, Jill you guys responded by delivering some cool make up's...my time on this course is almost over, but I wanted to say thank you for your efforts...I've enjoyed seeing your work and talking with you.

Can I ask a favor?...can I ask ANYONE who did the course or who even just happened by this post?

Send me a bruise picture!

Just a cheek bruise, show me what you may have learned from the lesson!...a 3 day old cheek bruise, working its way to the eye, some reds, blues, purples and delicious yellow!...use RMGP or illustrator...whatever you like and then take a GOOD QUALITY, IN FOCUS photo and post it!...make a middle aged, English fx guy happy!...I'm asking (an award winning make up fx artist) is asking for 20 - 30 mins of your time.

SW4.jpg 461.4K


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