Mechani-Kong & Zetton Kaiju

First off i would like to introduce myself and how this amazing scifi world of monsters has impacted my life.
my name is Andrew Orellana im 23 from Rancho Cucamonga CA.I am a amateur self taught monster suit maker going on 3 years including other basic cosplays.It all began ever since i was a young boy when my father would come home from work to surprise me with VHS rentals of the most renown monster flicks we all know and love.Godzilla,King Kong,Ultraman,Clash of the Titans,20million Miles to Earth,The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.Monsters of colossal size have always fascinated me to the point where i would ask my father 'do they exist?'.Never once did he tell me no (haha) that's where my imagination grew and the rest was history.My monster making influence strongly comes from the amazing Japanese Kaiju.

My first suit idea was based off the space dinosaur Zetton.The Kaiju who Ultraman finally met his match against.It was a privilege to showcase my love and dedication for the 1966 series recreating that rivalry moment with Mr. Satoshi Furuya the Ultraman himself.Zetton took me 45 days to make including the electronic effects to research.Happy to say with all the blood,sweat,and tears it was a hit.I won 1st in the cosplay contest at Japan World Heroes with my LED and bluetooth roar effects.It brought me so much closer to what i felt was my calling i couldn't just stop there.

1 year later for Monsterpalooza i decided to do a even more exciting/obscure Kaiju suit,Mechani-Kong (King Kong Escapes 1967).The Robotic King Kong set to mine Element X and rule the world.My goal for this project was to demonstrate my craft,a homage to showa era suit acting,and to just bring a smile to the Japanese guest.I couldn't have asked for better feedback from fellow fanatics and the pros.
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this is what ive always longed for in my life,this is just the beginning.I will continue my work to make the best Kaiju suits i can now with the knowledge Stand Winston School has to offer!Godbless,i hope you all see potential in my work!
long live Kaiju Suit Acting! >:)

Follow my journey
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