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This was my VERY first puppet...I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing and just "winged" it :tongue: No patterns or anything. Just started with a 9" POOF foam ball and a very large orange polo shirt :tongue:

This one is a "re-make" of my original...I had THOUGHT I had gotten the pupils right...didn't notice until too late :frowning: My original had gotten mold on it due to a temporary living arrangement. But since I had made im such a long time ago I decided to "age" him :tongue:

I made THIS one specifically to look crazy yet dumb. (Sid from Ice Age's Cousin) Also, so that if there are kids around while I'm performing with one of my others...and they want to "play" with one...they can play with this one and I don't have to worry about them messing up my good ones.

This one is, currently, my favorite and pride and joy! He's a full body, ventriloquist figure AND soft puppet AND magician! He has a fleece covered wood rib cage just like a vent figure AND he is operated by a head stick/mouth control only. The head stick IS removable and the head can be placed in a soft body (I can use different heads with the soft body) He has a special slot inside the pocket that things can be "magically" inserted and "appear" in his pocket.

Meet Kromit, Kermit's distant cousin. He started as a sock puppet project to help a youngster in one of my Facebook puppet groups, having never done a "sock" puppet and having no socks large enough laying around...this was the result.

And since I couldn't help myself, I just HAD to make him a body...but I wanted to keep him versatile (as are my others) so I made the body so the head could be inserted/removed as needed...and his collar hides the neck hole from view.

This one was actually a replacement for a puppet lost in a fire by my baby sister. Originally I had attempted to make a "Kermit" like puppet but it ended up coming out like some kind of weird alien looking thing so I went with it. She LOVED it so I gave it to her. After the fire she kept hinting that she missed it...this was the result.
Fortunately, she loved THIS one too :tongue:

And I almost forgot, my latest (and current favorite hand/rod puppet) designed to resemble my nephew who has Cerebral Palsy. When he saw it he said "It's ME!"  and the puppet's eyes are actually ACCURATE.

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