Hi everyone :) was  great class this week. I just logged in to see this weeks class and just realised its not til next week! I must be a bit eager for more!

I also just found out we have homework! argghghghghgh!!  I have 18 hour days coming up so not sure I will manage it but I'll try. I missed the last two hours of the class, would someone please post for me what the  homework assignment was exactly? I assume it was character design?

thanks guys! see you soon!



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    The assignment was to design your zombie puppet character and build it in two weeks. Please post your  designs so we can advise you. Also send us shots of your work in progress.

    Don't procrastinate! It may seem like you have time but there will be set building, prop fabrication camera tech work to do before you shoot. So get going.

    You will be shooting your first puppet test in about two weeks.
    Lots of fun things to do.
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    Sorry about the delay. Here's an initial sketch, I did some more rough thumbnails, but I'm not sure they are relevant. I started in on the armature today, so I have a bit done, but this week will be building week.
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    whoops. this was the wrong tread. I don't know how to edit my posts, or take them down. I put another post in the correct thread.

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    Thanks for the  homework information Stephen :)
    Unfortunately what with a full time degree course, a full time job in a city 2 hours away and being a single parent and running my own business its unlikely I'll have anything made by midnight tomorrow. Not really procrastinating, just really don't even get five minutes to myself unless I eat into the 5 hours a night sleep I'm getting! Will try and catch up in the coming weeks and will post some previous things I've made, thanks.. great course, looking forward to more!

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    Hang in there, Michelle - you're not alone. 

    I'm working full time in an Emergency Room and going to school full time, and head of household as well. The fact that you're here at all speaks well of your internal drive. Chin up! A little lost sleep is good for the...something. ;)

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    Michelle & Melanie,
    Try your best. That's all one can ask.
    Good Luck,
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    Oh, glad to see I'm not alone, although my situation is a little different. I first had some delays in materials (apparently there's a foam shortage or something) and then I had a family medical emergency come up that required me to fly down to Arkansas. I've since reconciled the materials issue, but I'm still wrapping up the latter. I may or may not make it to the live webinar tomorrow, but I will definitely watch it afterwards, if not.

    Hope everything improves for everyone! You all seem very dedicated and passionate.
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    Glad to know I'm not alone! I could have missed out this webinar series but it was just too good to miss so I couldn't resist it! Have lots of ideas but no time to put them into practice but hope to catch up in the coming weeks :)

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