This is my huge dragon costume puppet prop. He is made from chicken wire, great stuff on the inside of the body. The tails is a wire with 5 Extra large hose clamps. The neck is 8 individual 3d printed pieces that are connected by a thick bungee so that his neck can move about. The skin is made from garage door sealer foam, 4500 individually cut scales. Each glued to a sheer fabric and sealed with a generous layer of latex and paint. The head is fabricated, foam, latex, pumpkin fang teeth, sculpted and cast horns in flex foam it and resin. The eyes are huge glass cabochons with a print of an eye on the back of the cabochon. The wings are a sheer black fabric. I still plan on adding an opening jaw, moving eyes wings and sounds. This guy is one of my biggest achievements in my fabricating career. I hope you enjoy him. 
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