Frankenstein's Monster

This was my take on Frankenstein's monster for the stage play a few years ago.  I wanted to make him as human as possible and get away from anything green since this is the serious play version of the story.  As I went along I kept pulling it back to where it was a major part of his look without being so distracting when having to look at it for over 2 hours.  I think I got the right balance!

The stitches and cheek were all done with liquid latex, cotton and color.  You can see the first makeup for the poster which was more subtle and then I bumped it up a bit for the stage each night which was mostly just darker stitches and a pitch black cheek that looked like it was completely rotted out on stage.  I also ended up working the stitches over to the back of his head so there was something to see when he turned.

There is no Photoshop at play other than the first shot where he was put on the poster background.

Hope you like it!

- Chris.


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