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Hi all, I have been sculpting for about a year and a half and am enjoying the experience,
I am really trying to hone my finer detail skills,
I love Warhammer 40k and my sculptures have been from that universe.
I think I struggle with sharp defined lines and let's say when I and trying to do cables and wires with it never turns out right is there any advice to overcome this. I will post some of my work too 😁


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    I am trying to get the cable effect like on this picture.
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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Mark :-)

    Your sculptures are looking very nice ;-)

    Many artists are using helpful tools, to create sharp edged forms.
    Round brass tubes in different sizes for round sharp forms, or razorblades to create sharp edged lines.
    Maybe the shape of a spoon could help you to create a favorized shape in your sculpture.
    Let your eyes and mind floating around and search for helpful tools :-)

    For spezial cable effects, maybe fishing lures, those wormy silicone like, could help you. Or these small glass pearls stiched onto a monifilament to create a ribbed pipe and attached to your sculpture might give the touch.

    They also use hard clays, which forgive soft unintended touches.

    I hope that helps a bit :-)

    Have fun with your art ;-)

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    Thanks for the advice :)
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