Some makeups I just wanted to share

Just wanted to share some makeups that I referenced during the lesson today and possibly get a critique and advice on doing them better.  The first was a sickly makeup turned into bruise makeup. It was done with a mix of Skin Illustrator and RMGP.  The second was a burn makeup for a production, which was a mix of two gelatin prosthetic on the cheek and chin, then latex cotton build up.  Then like I said the ash was a mixture of latex, coffee grounds, and brown paint(which was all I had). then some glycerin to make some parts shiny.


  • Hey Collier, so first off 'sickly' - you have to take the color out of the lips, that will always REALLY help the sickly look...also go a bit bigger with the paling... try some spatter layers of illustrator (rice paper) to knock the skin tone down, seal and then go in with RMGP and illustrator.

    For the burn, good job, just add more reds and some yellows...maybe some KY JELLY with a little yellow food color for the shiny layer?...use RMGP black to blend the crispy burn layer into the surrounding skin?
  • Thanks very much Gary I look forward to using your advice on the next project,

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