An Australian Artist in London - looking to visit a workshop, any tips?

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I'm travelling to the UK to compete in IMATS Battle of the Brushes, Character/Prosthetic competition in May this year! While I'm over there, I am hoping to visit/help out at a studio or workshop. I've contacted a few companies, but I thought it might be worth asking here for suggestions. What companies in the UK and surrounds do you think would be worth contacting?

Or, if there is anyone on here in need of an extra set of hands, please consider mine. I am not looking to be paid, just for the chance to learn and assist. 

I am willing to travel just about anywhere, and am happy to spend the time helping out in any capacity - cleaning moulds, brushes, floors, etc. I will be in the UK in May 21-24th and June 13-19th. 

I have experience sculpting, mould making, running silicone and foam latex, and applying prosthetic and normal makeup. Since graduating from the Australian Institute of Creative Design last year, I've worked on a variety of short films and spent a few days at Weta Workshop, so I understand the importance of confidentiality and how to behave on set and in a workshop environment. 

Here are a few examples of my work - more can be found on my website, 

Thank you!

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