one month only?

I thought when I bought my four videos I could watch then as much as I wanted forever, I only get one month to view them? So if I am learning a tutorial and need to go back a months later I have to buy it again, seems odd.



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    last month I watched the makeup out of the box airbrush video, very hard to know what he is doing. so I go back to review it today and it counts it as my 1st video of my second month. Can people really learn every thing they need from a video in one month?
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    Greetings Wayne,

    With the Apprentice plan you have the ability to access 4 videos each month, so once the new month rolls around watching a video you have previously watched still counts as one of your 4.  

    Watching videos multiple times is great, I do that all the time myself so I understand your frustration.  If you have a video you would like to watch multiple times and not have it count against your 4 for the month one option would be to purchase that lesson on DVD.  Otherwise you can watch it as many times as you like during a single month.

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