Need someone in southern california to repair a dinosaur

Hi, I have a dinosaur business here in California. We have a dinosaur costume that arrived from China severely damaged. Actually they damaged it at the factory and sent it anyway. LOL.
I am looking to find someone local that could repair the skin and I may have some custom work too. If you are local please email me at [email protected] Thanks


  • Hello, I was very interested in the job offer. Checked out the website, looks awesome. Should we set up a time for me and my Family to come out and talk things over. I can send you a link to my facebook page so you can check out other projects that I have done in the past. Thank you
  • i am interested but first what type of matrial is it i can fix it depending on the matarial thank you and i can send you a link on my facebook and my portfolio if you want!!!

  • Since they listed an email I would suggest following up via email just in case they are not checking the forums.

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