Best way to store Chavant NSP and WED clay?

I have recently gotten into sculpting but I am running into allot of stumbling blocks with just the basics. 

Can you guys share with me how you store your clay?  I stored my Wed clay in a plastic container, thinking I just needed to seal the moisture but now it is noticeably hard to work with. What would be the most optimal way to storing it for later use? 

Also, how can I best go about softening it up  now? 

lastly, with Chavant NSP , I just leave it laying around in large ball like shapes and it isn’t very conductive to what little space I have  at my already crowed studio. Surely you guys know a better way to storing it? 

 These must be odd or stupid questions perhaps, but I am frustrated and I thought I would ask anyways.

Thank you guys. I am glad to have found this community.


  • I store my WED clay in a plastic bag, so it has no exposure to air.   Having it in a container means it's still exposed to the air in the container.

    I'd put the Chavant in a plastic bag or box just to keep hair/dust out of it.

    Hope that helps!

  • dude thank you so much. that explains and confirms allot for me.

  • My pleasure!

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