My Gore Homework

Here are the pics for my makeup. I was going for a recent fight victim with a broken nose and laceration in the center, swelling and bruising from the break and in the eye sockets; black eye in the left eye with the main impact on the cheekbone, and then scraping the side of the face on concrete, ripping the cheek and showing plasma seeping from the wounds as wells as blood and some dangling skin. There are before and with blood shots.

The nose I did with modeling wax, stippled with latex to seal it before painting and the torn cheek is scar effects gelatin. For coloring, I underpainted both the nose and cheek with RMGP, in maroon stippled on with a torn sponge, then stippling on a flesh tone before adding spattering undertones of yellow and red in alcohol colors. Then I began to lay in layers of bruise colors on the nose - red, maroon, purple,yellow and a hint of green with both a ragged sponge and brushes. The cut is painted with Skin Illustrator. The black eye was a combination of RGMP applied with a torn sponge and PPI bruise effects gels in red, yellow, and black and blue, with added skin illustrator highlights in buff on the upper lid for swelling. The cheek is painted in layers of Skin Illustrator to take advantage of the transparency of the gelatin in several shades of red, maroon, purple, yellow and green, with black drybrushed over the top and a fatty highlight used for on the loose skin. Both it and the black eye have a layer of KY for plasma/skin stretching/shininess. The blood is a mixture of chocolate syrup and food coloring.

I had to get gas on the way home after doing the application, and that got me some interesting looks, lol. Even though my husband is used to me doing a lof of makeup for my job, he doesn't usually get to see it on me, and he was the most affected I think. He's used to the level of realism, but he was really upset to see me looking beaten up, and said over and over that he didn't like it.


  • Nice job Kaoime!, especially like the coloration under your jaw line and the use of the yellow...isn't it great how that adds realism and punches all the other colors up?
  • Thanks, Gary :-). This is the first time I've used this much yellow and I love what it adds to the overall look! There's so much more depth and vibrancy to the other colors.
  • Kaoime MalloyKaoime Malloy ✭✭✭
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    Just a few more pictures of things I did today - a deep infection/bruising with veining, as well as trying out the latex skin effect - as well as some gelatin appliance applications - some various wounds and a full two piece plague zombie sculpt, painted with skin illustrators.

  • Great job Kaoime! - its a smorgasbord of disgusting delights!  Im really loving the fact that you've really 'connected' with the blending and the multi color useage...makes a HUGE difference...try to carry it into all your make up fx looks.

    Also dont be afraid (with a prosthetic make up) to apply it...paint it, photo it and then go big! the color and then paint it a completely different way, one prosthetic make up painted and dressed a different way could give you three or four portfolio pieces and also gets you used to seeing what reads best on camera and how light effects it.

    Great job!
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