Creating a bird head and neck

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I'm currently working on a screenplay and there's a scene where i really wanted to use a practical bird head. I'm putting this out there to see if this is possible. I was looking for something similar to the images posted below. If anyone can do this or knows anyone who can please let me know. Thanks! 


  • Hi Demetrius, Are you wanting this to be animatronic or just a replica? I would be very interested if you do not need it to move. 
  • Hey Melissa thanks for reaching out. Yes, i will need the bird to move. 
  • If you like, drop me an email and I can let you know if I can do what you want.  I THINK I can depending on time and requirements.

    Do you want:  A hand controlled puppet? (Latex sculpted head and body with colored fur punched into base with movable beak/neck/head and rigid body would be simple and lowest of costs.)

    Animatronic or cable controlled?  Way more time and money.

    [email protected]

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