Eyes - Take 2

Here's my newest set of eyes, after getting smaller brushes and working flat to improve line quality. I'm much happier with this set.

There are cracks in the half spheres because I cleaned off a previous paint job with acetone, and it seemed to seep into the material, though there are no marks on the surface. In person, the effect is kind of cool.


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    Really cool design!  Are those based off or inspired by a real animal eye?

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    Thanks, Chris :)

    Not really? I did look at several lizard eyes before I started for interesting pupil shapes and color scheme ideas before I started, though. In the end it was more an a, what if I try this color and see what happens moment, keeping in mind John's use of two similar colors in each layer.

    I'm currently teaching one of my advanced students how to do these and she made a pair of feline eyes that are just amazing. After she did most of her line work, she painted in color behind it but couldn't see as much as she wanted, so she started scratching out some of the color lightly with the head of a pin before airbrushing color back in. She did this about three times with different shades of blue. The final line work is amazingly fine because of what she did. I'll see if she'll post them here, but now I need to try her technique ;)
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