silicone mask, what mold to use

Hi guys,
Hopefully there's room for a question from a beginner mask-maker. If you wanted to end up with a realistic silicone full head mask, what would you use for making the mold? (I have heard that silicone sticks to silicone, so maybe that would be the best way to go). I need four exact copies, otherwise I might have used alginate. 


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    When casting a flexible part like a silicone mask a rigid mold is typically used.  You can cast silicon inside a stone mold (ultracal, plaster, etc) or if you have the budget an epoxy of fiberglass mold is ideal for durability, more runs, and light weight.

    You can run silicone in a silicone mold, you just need to apply a barrier and release to make sure the two don't bond.

    Hope that helps! 

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