Character contest: jonathon mario trypophila/ goblin/ faery

Good evening on the final
hour! My name is Jonathan Marrio Aspittle . I do freelance makeup out of Salt Lake City Utah as well as teach classes/ education and do makeup demo work across the country and here are my three fun characters for you. 

Trypophila: the lover of holes 

done  as a demo for EBA for Imats la 2018. 
 All work is my own. Custom sculpt design paint an application by myself. 
 She  is the creation of the back of my mind when I asked myself what would scare me? Doing FX make up has made me numb to a lot of frightening things. So when I sat down to create something that I thought was frightening she is what crawled out of the shadows. She’s a demon in the lover of holes. Be careful not to look into her face too long For you never know what might look back. 

Next there is a goblin and liver of gold ;) 
this creature was done for a tv spot. All my work. 

 And Finally a true faery I love her of the forest she literally gives her body as a home for those she loves most


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