A Tooth Fairy, A Sea Monkey and Jack: The Three Amigos?

Hi guys! My name is Angie Davis and I am a makeup artist and fan living in Los Angeles. When I'm not on set powdering noses I'm dreaming of sculpting monsters and bloods gags. I'd say I'm pretty obsessed with all things makeup from character to beauty. The first makeup I am submitting is an original character based on the Tooth Fairy. I created this silicone prosthetic for a demo at Monsterpalooza in 2017. I floated the sculpture from my model's life cast and created two molds to run the pieces. On the day of application I had an assistant help applying the bald cap and prosthetic. Then I added yak hair and finished off the paint job. I also made the crown of teeth using latex, cotton and resin teeth that I casted. There are also teeth embedded into the neck prosthetic. Welcome to Creepytown. The best part of this makeup was watching people cringe at the convention when they noticed the teeth.For the next character I decided to submit a more Fantasy based creation. This character is my version of what a Sea Monkey would look like. I life casted my model, corrected the cast and sculpted the Sea Monkey face. Then I sculpted the ears and molded everything. Although not shown in photographs I also sculpted teeth for the character. I pre-painted the prosthetics with PAX and FW inks. I also distressed the sailor costume with my airbrush. There is a video of the process on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ronNfk0R8b8 The last makeup I am submitting is one of the very first makeups that inspired me and that Jack's phase one makeup in American Werewolf in London by Rick Baker and his team. I sculpted the wounds onto my life cast and molded the piece. Next I ran it in gelatin and pre-painted. On application day I had a fellow MUA assist in the application since we rigged blood tubing to the throat. And the coolest part is that I filmed it all and put it on Youtube to hopefully inspire new artists to appreciate the history of makeup and get excited by it. Also because of this makeup there is blood ALL OVER the ceiling in my apartment and my landlord is now scared of me.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ4DWQBtS30

Thanks for your time and consideration! 
-Angie Davis


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