The good woman of Szrochwan

Present absence, the space-body.
Such a metamorphic figure, that born of the poorest human culture, the violent suppression of  individualities in the face of non-corroboration of predetermined cultural patterns. After witnessing the power of human hatred to the own specie this nonconformist body suffers. However, a mission that transmitted to her, by the immediate contact surface, the asphalt of the city, having as sole mission to enable the re-encounter of human kindness. The more time passes, the greater the transmutation becomes, reaching the final stage of almost total disappearance of the refference body humanity, allowing it to return to her initial form of transmutation, keeping itself in a constant cycle which will remain until the goodness is extinguished of the earth and gives place to the greed and the personified evil.
1st: airbrush bodypainting and pros-aid transfer
2nd: airbrush and brush bodypainting and encapsulated silicone transfer
3rd: airbrush bodypainting

Ps. It's important highlight that the images above do not have any type of editing or digital manipulation, the visual results come from practical effects correlated with the appropriate lighting conditions.
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