Hey Everybody! Want To Introduce Yourselves?

Hi All!

I thought I would test out the forum here and give everyone a spot to intro themselves (possibly again), if they wish.

I am Lynda and I am currently located in the Chicagoland area. I grew up here in the 'Burbs, so you can say that this is my hometown. I was brought up on Saturday morning cartoons and have loved animation and VFX from a young age. Some of my fondest memories are of the Rankin/Bass holiday specials, and they were probably my first exposure to the best possibilities of stop-motion. From there I learned about practical effects and how they were often combined with stop-motion, and a new world opened up to me.

I decided to go to college to pursue my degrees, but I soon found out that stop-motion was not a subject liberally taught in the schools around here. I was content at the time to learn all about traditional and CG animation, since it was still animation and I do love the art in all of its forms, but I missed the inclusion of stop-motion. After taking the only class available, I really connected with the medium and decided to pursue it the best I could on my own time.

Right now, I am deep into stop-motion, especially fabrication. I am working on my thesis for my MFA in Animation while learning everything I can about it on my own. Unfortunately, there is currently not much of a community in Chicago for stop-motion, but we are already planning to relocate to SoCal at the end of October. So if anybody has any internship/entry-level leads, I'm all ears. ;-)

If you would like to see anything I've done, you can see it at my website lyndarollins.com on the stop-motion page (of course). I've worked with ball-and-socket, wire armatures, build-up, clay, silicone and plastic casting. As I mentioned, I also just took the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios stop-motion animation and character fabrication classes over the summer.

Happy to meet you all and looking forward to an awesome time!      


  • Hi Lynda, and everyone else!

    I wasn't able to catch the class live due to a work schedule conflict, so I've been playing catch - up. I'm working on my "integrative project" for my BFA, and am hoping to make a few stop motion animations as part of it. I've not had much in the way of formal training as far as stop motion goes, a few assignments two or three semesters back, and as you said, fond memories of Rankin Bass holiday specials in the back of my mind. 

    I'm located near Detroit, MI - for the time being. Looking forward to this experience and exchange!

  • Hi Lynda,
    There aren't too many colleges that teach stop motion beyond the basics. CalArts, where I teach has the greatest variety of classes for the technique. They have a basics and intermediate class as well as alternative techniques, puppet fabrication, direction & performance classes.

    I know of a great animator in Chicago. Devin Bell, a former student of mine, who teaches at DePaul Univesrity.  Drop him a email <devin.bell.7587@facebook.com>
    Good luck,
  • Since I'm here posting on other threads, I may as well introduce myself too :). My name is Trista and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I work as an animator. I have taken a few small courses over the years in stop mo, and built set ups at home, but I want a bit more polish to my work, and thought this course would help me get there.
    I love sculpting, building and fabrication, and my goal is to work in stop motion sometime during my career. So far, it's been great to learn a few hints and tricks that I didn't know before, and get some questions answered. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!
  • Hi Stephen (and Melanie and Trista)!

    Yes I thought about CalArts, as I think all animation students do at one time or another, but it was out of my budget. It's a shame, but I'm doing my best to learn all I can. I do find it surprising that more schools don't teach stop motion, though.

    I do know Devin and he is a great teacher and a fun guy! You may find it interesting to know that he is currently teaching Storyboarding, Animation Production, and 3D Character Animation at DePaul. I had him for 3D Character Animation. Not stop motion unfortunately, but some of the skills and ideas transfer. He has shown us his stop motion thesis animation with the little clay guys - did you have a hand in that one? That was great!

    Thanks Stephen!! :-D  

  • Crankballs is a wonderful film.
    Yes I was his instructor for many stop motion classes and worked with Devin but it is his film body & soul.

  • Hi guys,

    I guess it's a bit late to introduce myself, but better later than never. I'm Oswaldo Medina. I'm from Caracas, Venezuela and this is actually my first Stop Motion Course. Actually sort of my first "art related" course.

    I'm a Mechanical Engineer with studies in the field of Project Management. I used to work in a nickel mine for the past 6 years. There I reached the position of Mechanical Maintenance Chief and I was in charge of giving maintenance to a 2 big furnaces (61 ft. diameter and 19 ft. tall), and I was in charge of a workshop where stuff were fabricated by welding and machining. Now, since June, I've been working as a field inspector for engineering projects for hospitals in Venezuela.

    Of course... the last whole paragraph doesn't have anything related with arts or movies, not even with stop motion. But I've never left my illusion of becoming part of film making. Since I was little, I was always interested on Film making, Stop Motion, Animation, VFX, etc. I guess I've always had a little Artist inside of me, and he always tells me to keep following that dream.

    I'm really enjoying this course, and I hope this helps me to get more involved in the movies world, where VFX, Animation, Stop Motion bring life to new characters, stories and dreams.

    The whole story it's a bit longer, but let's keep it this short. 

    I hope to keep in contact with you. I'm currently living in Maracay and here I am at your service ;-)

  • Thanks for your introduction. I think it's an interesting background and I'm curious to see what you will bring to the technique.

    here is a sheet with an overview for a simple lighting set up.
    good Luck

    Hi everyone, Here are some books I'd like to recommend you look at regarding stop motion animation performance.

    Richard Williams, The Animator’s Survival Kit (Faber and Faber Inc. New York)

    Susannah Shaw, Stop Motion - Craft Skills for Model Animation (Focal Press Ltd., New York)

    They are both great resources for information. Williams book is my first choice. It deals primarily with 2D cartoon animation concepts but everything he discusses is absolutely relevant to stop motion.
    Check them out.

  • Animator's survival kit is a very good resource, and the app is fabulous, if you want to have an interactive experience. you can single frame through all the examples. However, I have found it is kind of at the intermediate scale, and is very thick with information, which can be confusing for the complete beginner. It's great to have on the shelf, but I would highly recommend "Character Animation Crash Course", which is Eric Goldberg's book. It is fabulous for beginners, and focuses on performance and the thought process behind your character. It is easier to absorb the info in the book, because it's written in an understandable way. Survival kit is great, but it's very technical.
  • I'll have to buy all those books and read the ones for the beginners first :) ...

    I took some pictures to my puppet with poses but I'm not sure if you have opened a new thread for it. Let me know where to post them to get some initial feedback.

  • Hey I finally got access to these class forums so I can leave comments now !!  hows that for timely!  I suppose everyone has moved on to their new careers as stop motion animators but im still going to post all my stuff so whoever is still around can see I wasn't being a stuckup slacker :)    Here is the introduction that I didn't get to post:
    I’m the old guy with 7ft latex monsters, props, and movie posters lining his garage office to remind him it’s now time to rekindle all those artistic passions of his youth and help foster it in others who may otherwise hesitate or deny themselves this joy! So, here's a link to a vimeo animation I did 35 years ago with my super8mm camera. 
    WARNING: I recommend skipping all the live action unless you need a nap - the whole short may seem like an hour but actually its just 7 minutes you will never get back again.  Enjoy!
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