Frankenstein's Creature Makeup. Entry 2.

This makeup I designed and created for a theatre production of 'Frankenstein'. I wanted to have my own take on what the creature looks like and specifically didn't draw inspiration from Jack Pierce's classic makeup, or other interpretations of the monster. Instead I looked at the effects lightening has on the body if you happen to get struck by it, which create beautiful and intricate scarring. I had a bolder version of this going down the creatures body along with autopsy scars and scars that would correlate with someone opening the body to put organs in and move organs around. I also applied a bald cap as the actor had to keep his hair for another production he was doing. The facial disfigurement is inspired by scientific experiments that were conducted in the 1800's that involved sending electricity straight into decapitated heads. I used a vinyl bald cap and encapsulated silicone prosthetics I sculpted and made flatbed moulds from. The lightening scars were created using a stencil i cut out and airbrushed over the top.  
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