brutal makeup homework

Here's my brutal homework assignment, It is a fresh motorcycle crash victim that hit and skidded on the asphalt.imageimage


  • Okay Collier. You're first up! and clearly your an eager man and I admire that! Clean blending - nice job, I'd love to know what materials you that all illustrator or some rubber mask too too?

    Now, I'm going to get picky on you (hope you don't mind...its all constructive) ..and it's all to do with the 'forensics' of the wound, it's a motorcycle crash victim who skidded on asphalt right? Id love to see some direction and some 'evidence' of the slide and skid...some grazing, even taking a dental tool and using the blade edge to create road rash?...also he slid on his face but he's lacerated his neck, which is really hard to do. If you lie on the floor and place your head on the ground see what connects with the floor...cheek, chin, ear, nose...but probably not you neck?...if I were CSI I would probably think bites or erosion, maybe acid burns?...but probably not road rash skidding on love to see a little more color in there to...some different reds yellows, blues etc

    I did a super fast photo shop 'tweak' to show what I mean in regards to the 'forensics'....this could all be done with illustrator and blood, no need for would also help hide the little appliance overlap on the beard area...a problem like that you can always turn into a feature on a make up like this :-)

    Also a quick google images on 'road rash face' got me a an image that seems to echo what I'm saying?

    Hope all this helps and is useful and gets you thinking...great job!

  • Thanks Gary, it was a pros aide transfer colored with rmgp and skin illustrator
    . And thanks for the advice Gary, I really appreciate it.
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