3rd entry character make-up contest "skinned horror face"

Hey all,

here´s my last entry, "skinned" make-up.

This make-up is made out of a silicone face made out of platsil gel 10, painted with silicone pigment + silicone chaulking, thinned down with naphta and painted with an airbrush and brushes. 

A lifecast of my face was made first, so that I had a silicone negative mold of it. This was filled with the platsil gel 10 to get the face, which was then painted.

The "skinned face" ist painted with some water based colours, skin illustrator alcohol paint, fake blood, and some teeth veneers glued on with some out of the kit silicone. To get the shiny and glossy effect I put some out of the kit "on skin silicone" in different colours from fastfx by dermaflage on it.

I wear some red contactlenses, too.

Good luck to everyone and bloody greetings :-)

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