Sharing practice

I just wanted to share the abrasion that I did with a brush. I took Gary's idea with the airbrush, which I don't have, and tried it with just a simple #3 round. I got Ben Nye FX-23 on the tip and flicked it barely on the skin fast, back and forth, to create this image:


  • Very nice, looks real!

  • Nice Job Chris! - taking the technique and improvising -  I love it!
    Did you do the surrounding bruising with the broken sponge technique?...if so, try to keep it around the wound and have it radiate away from it in intensity, I know I did the whole arm on Crystal but I was just trying to demo the technique...pick areas so you get 'highs and lows' wrist, around the wound, elbow etc...

    ...unless of course its a zombie or a possession...then go Hog Wild!

    Great job!
  • Sorry I meant NICE JOB VERONICA!...and great questions yesterday too!
  • Thanks Gary,

    And yes I did do the broken sponge technique. That had been on my arm from before and I just went over it playing with trying to get the abrasion look. I am so excited for today's class!

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