Submission for the Character Makeup Contest: Alice the Mischievous Entity

Alice is an old-timey entity that likes to cause trouble! She likes to lurk behind the stairs in the basement of an old apartment building. She likes to mess with the tenants that do their laundry down there by singing creepy tunes and moving things around. She's not very nice! People are trying to do laundry down there!

This character was inspired by Zelda from Pet Sematary and Bathsheba from The Conjuring. I love the idea of having a male actor as a creepy woman. I used pax paint--that I made myself, for the face, arms, and hands, grease paint (hands, mouth, and eye area), Skin Illustrator to add texture to the face, vein work, and to dirty up the hands (The On Set Palette and the Mark Coulier Signature Series), Mouth FX in Pitch Black and lastly I used a foam latex piece (stern brow) from Rubber Wear. Please see below to get a closer look at the detail work that I did...But don't look at her too close! She might get attached to you!

BTS (worbla horns crafted and painted by me)
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