What are the materials for Day 2

Does anyone know the materials for day 2 of the coarse? Matt Winston said they will be announced today, but never said where of when today. Looking for answers since the email links to the school are broken, and I have yet to get a email through to anyone.


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    Gary is going to go over making a store bought skeleton into a useable movie prop. So you can get a skeleton, and cushion foam if you like. And he will also be going over blood tubing gags.

    It's always nice to have materials to work during the class, but we always recommend watching the class first before buying materials, that way you always buy just what you need for your projects.

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  • I would definitely suggest getting some slip casting latex if you can, hair dryer and some contact cement (barge)....

    ...if you can get your hands on a 'bucky' skeleton great...even a decent quality plastic skull will work.

    I'll be using the following too....

    electric carving knife, thin upholstery foam, one inch chip brushes, 99% alcohol and COPIC inks (refills)

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