Charecter Makeup Entry 2 Toxic Waste Mermaid

Quite recently I decided, with this competition rolling I would attempt to add a character to my portfolio and in less than a week threw together a shoot for this Toxic Waste Mermaid.

Once again on a tight budget, I tried to create a makeup look, costume, and a great atmosphere.  I used blacklight and  neon paints to give the illusion of bioluminescence also used a latex build to make her gills. The blisters on her face are actually just dots of hot glue that I applied to a separate surface and allowed to dry before gluing them to her face with pros-aide and painted.   The toxic drip on the blue top that i made for my character was also made out of hot glue and painted.  The brow pieces and costume accents made from a holographic duct tape that I secured with latex to her face.  The tail was a gift from a local designer and I cut the stiffened fin out of foam and sewed it in.

For the set I collected a large fish net from a craft store, large barrels from a local recycling center which I spray painted with words like "toxic" and biohazard symbols and large car tarps.  We set up around a hot tub at a friends house and used the steam from the tub, gel lights, a smoke machine, and blacklight flashlights to create the scene.

Special thanks to my talented model Amberlee Lucas and Photographer Michael Hoeppner for gathering around and making this happen with me on such short notice.  This was an awesome collaboration and I couldn't have done it without these wonderful artists helping me.

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