Character Makeup Contest, Entry 1 Beauty and the Beast

This makeup is not one of my newest makeups but by far my biggest. I sewed all the costumes from scratch and this was my first time face casting and creating a large prosthetic piece.

This project was made on quite a tight budget, and I feel like my monster could have been better had I had better materials available.  I modeled him somewhere between the animated Disney movie and my own adaptations, trying to get a bit of the Ron Pearlman look from the 1980s TV series.

The stilts were made from 2x4 with sneakers mounted to them then covered with mattress padding to create wolf-like features,  I then hand placed hair over them. The padding for the costume was also mattress padding I used this to create distortion of the figure and create a more beastly look to the body.  Horns were made out of plaster bandage and twine that was painted afterward. I made latex pieces to cover his hands and the claws made out of beauty store acrylic.

Though my knowledge is still very basic I strive to do better every day and make myself a better artist and perfect my craft. 

-Noelle Hetzel

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