Intro- plus glue for foam/puppets

Hello World!

I have been watching the foam puppet videos (Yay BJ Guyer!) and started putting some together mostly as "practice" for the main event, which is an "Aaarrrggghhh" from trollhunters mascot style costume I'm working on. He will now have elevating eyebrows and possibly a blink now thanks to the puppet mech class, and a much better finish and cover after watching the videos on how real puppets are made.

I love the way Barge Cement works but hate not being able to really work around my wife or 5 year old son with it, so I started searching for an alternative. The Toluene free version of Barge really isn't any better.

I found it! Crafters Pick Ultimate works similar(ish) to barge, but it is non-toxic (Not that I plan to take a swig) and fume free! I had low expectations but figured I would give it a try and was pleasantly surprised! It feels/smells about like thick Elmers, but whatever other voodoo they put in it, it works LOL.

I applied it much like Barge, using a foam scrap to dob it along the target surfaces and let it dry for a few minutes. A barely damp thin coat is best, and dries fast (3-5 minutes). Once it goes clear instead of white, touch your surfaces lightly and it will tack in place, but you can pull it apart if you have to. Once you get it lined up, give it a firm press and it will be well glued (But still, removable with greater grunt.) It does NOT unlock with heat, though.... so once it dries overnight, its pretty much going to need to be cut. I have considered (But not yet tried) soaking the foam with water to see if it would release after a while. Ohh, and like barge its sticky and will get all over your hands.... unlike Barge, it comes off with some peeling and a little hand washing. ;-P

It's not exactly Barge, but works pretty darn well if you are looking for something more indoor and family friendly. I swear, no affiliation with the product or anyone selling it, LOL.


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    Awesome, glad you found an alternative that works well for your situation!

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