Character Makeup Contest

Hello everybody, in the following picture you will see a Prosthetic Makeup I made for the Greenfield Openair Festival in Interlaken in Switzerland. A kind of werewolf / wolfman was desired. The model had short hair and no beard. First made a drawing .. then made a cast at home .just the face ...molded with life cast silicone from mouldlife .. plaster molds .. with Plastiline (le bon Touche) prosthetic modeled ... Made with Platsil 20 and Deadener Prosthetics ... my model's head shape cast with Transparent film for "cheap" wig ..
With a peace of bearskin from my collection "not real" sewed together ...
In the festival area I needed 5 hours  for the whole character Prosthetic ...
Hair on the face and approach to the wig ... Hair glued by hand , fixed with prosaide ... buffalo hair that I still have uniquely put into shape with branding iron. Eyeglasses bought just like the teeth
 ...  color-adjusted ...
was a lot of fun to walk through the crowd with him hope you like saludos moises

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