Character Makeup 1 Evil Bird

This was the first prosthetic makeup that I ever did and it's 100% me. It was so much fun!  First time I got to cast a face, sculpt my design, mould and apply and paint!

My concept started from the love of fairy tale films that take you on a journey into another world.

I imagined this creature as the servant to the higher lead villain who helps to lure the innocent victim to the leader - like in Labyrinth or Legend.  I liked the concept of mixing bird, voodoo and skeletal elements in the design.

I wanted the character to be a little creepy and dark.  I wanted it to be mysterious and interesting but appear untrustworthy.

This is a silicone prosthetic appliance I ran.  I also designed the costume for the character. 

I love creating original characters from head to toe and being inspired by other amazing artist's work!

Photography by KTB Design

Model Shylie Parsons

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