Character Contest-Second Entry - Patient Zero-An Apocalyptic Zombie Film Character

Hi again :smiley:
 this is my second entry for the caharcter contest.  I have provided some closer shots on the main zombie as he was the main focus on this picture.
 This work was my final year project learning prosthetics for my  BA Degree.

The back story :
The zombies have overrun earth and the majority of people are struggling to survive and being hunt down by zombies which can move fast and get you wherever you are hiding. 
Scientists tried to create super soldiers for the government with experimenting on men. One of them got away and started bitting people, and turning them in to green zombies. Meet my Patient Zero Zombie eating up a not so careful human  :D .

Techniques Used :

1) For the main zombie -patient zero i casted his head and shoulders  with life form silicone.

2) The make up is a 4 overlapping prosthetic pieces (using some of the online videos of breaking down the sculpture from Bruce Spaulding Fuller). I had 1 fibreglass master mould for the back and 3 pollyutherine moulds for the front pieces.

3) The prosthetics are silicone  Platsil gel 25 encapsulated with super baldiez and deadened at 80%.

4) They were pre coloured  with coloured super baltiez using inks and IPA with splatter and airbrush. (a technique seen at the prosthetics magazine ) and applied with Telesis 5 after using a bald cap on the actor.

5)The rest of the zombies are latex and grease paints to keep the cost down.

6)The intestines were latex layered on a tube and then coloured and dipped in homemade edible blood.

7)some of the guts were jelly belly and the ones the zombie were eating were ham dipped in edible blood.

8)The victims belly was coloured soft  foam opened up with a bag under the t-shirt  glued on the foam and filled with ham and blood.


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