First Entry - Lady Gouldian Finch - A Human -Bird Hybrid Warrior From The Galaxy Irida 3

Hi, my name is Nikoleta I am a makeup and prosthetics and this is my first entry to the character makeup competition.

This is a fantasy- sci-fi character inspired from the colorful bird Gouldian Finch, hence the character's name. She is a beautiful lady but also a strong warrior that lives in the planet Delta 1 of the Galaxy Irida 3, a fantasy universe where its people are fighting against a more technological advanced cold blood reptilian aliens for their rich in resources planet. 

For this character i used several techniques to create the look:

1) The beak is a two part platsil 10, super baldiez encapsulated silicone pieces. Colored with illustrator palettes, and glued with telesis 5 adhesive.  It was 1 mould of two-part casting plaster. Prior to the mould i casted the models face with life form silicone to create the positive to work on.

2) The nails were sculpted on a board to make a silicone negative flat mould. To make the nails i run Easy flow 120 pollyutherane resin in the flat mould, and colored in flesh tone in the mix. Once the resin was in its green i rapped it around on different round objects to shape the mould to the round nails shape you see in the picture. (technique seen in the prosthetics magazine)
Final coloring was illustrator palettes and airbrushing paints.
To attach the nails on the fingers i used High Definition wig lace and cotton with prosaide.

3) For the hair i made a latex bald cap on a read head, and then used cotton and tissues dipped in latex to create the shapes. After that i layered on the head piece jumbo hair that was ironed and smoothed down.
For the bald cap i measured the models head while i had her hair layered tight. And for the application i glued the headpiece down with prosaide, and used fullers earth to create the texture around the edges and then airbrushed in purple colour.

4) For the coloring on the body i airbrushed freehand and for the smaller shapes i used stencils.

Thank you for your consideration.
 I hope you like my design. 

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