Character Makeup Contest: Il Corvo, The Guardian of the Bridge.

This makeup is inspired in the art of Nekro, I love those works. I tried to create a dark character that lives between the light and the darkness, that protect people from the evil of the other side but, on the other hand, he can control the power to punish those who dare to cross the bridge. We look for a special set to take the photos and found this marvelous location in Aguilas, Murcia, Spain with a centenary iron bridge, that fit perfect with what I was looking for. An ancestral creature in an old place, dusty and destroyed, but full of energy and mystery, so the character.

The prosthetic work is done with probondo transfers from silicone flat molds, precoloured and glued with prosaide. 

Helmets, nails, bracelets and shoulder are fabricated with PU resin, treated with heat to give the required form.
Degraded black-grey synthetic wig smoothed with iron.

Customized Acrylic tooth.

Devilman Scleral contacts lenses.

Helmet with rooster-pheasant feathers, coloured with gold pigments.

Breastplate created with latex and synthetic bandages


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