Character Makeup Contest: Capricorn

This makeup is based on Saint Seiya; as a good fan I decided to create a female version of one of the most powerful character of the serie: Shura of Capricorn. I looked for a special model to give life to the knight. She must be a tall, athletic girl, with a imposing body to recreate the magic of Shura. I wanted a character empty of magic, strength and power but very female and provocative, that transmit the intensity of the Knight of Zodiac, the loyal server of goddess Athena. This character, in the anime, is related to Excalibur sword, so I made an special sword to use as complement.

The prosthetic work is done with probondo transfers from flat molds of silicone, and cream proths are dyed in white color. The helmet, shoulder, nails and skulls on the hips are made with urethane resin.

For the prepaint I used metallic acrilyc white color to get the brilliant/ice effect over the body. To complete the look, I glued gems to give continuity to the proths with the rest of the body.

The Hair work is done with Kanekalon stretched with heat and combed.

Blind contact lenses create an intimidating effect, so the model look powerful.


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