Character Makeup Contest: Spriggan creature

Hi SW community,

This is my first time tackling a prosthetic appliance. I spent a number of months working on this since this was my first time and I was learning how to mold, sculpt, bake and paint. I spent a long time finding the right concept design for my creature. I came up with about 15 different designs before I chose this one. I wanted to create something that kept the human features that allow you to emote with it. I also wanted to create a design where your eyes get drawn in and follows the flow of the design to go out and back in. I learned a lot from this project hope you guys like it :)

Foam Latex Application

Facial Expression


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    Very, very neat, I love the detail work on his face! It's a perfect combination of humanoid wrinkles mixed with the texture of tree bark. Details like that are hard to achieve, making them look natural and realistic. You definitely did it well!
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