Hellraiser Original Cenobite Tribute Makeup

Here is another makeup I created as a live demonstration for a horror convention here in Orlando, Florida (Spooky Empire). This was an original take on the Cenobites of "Hellbound Heart". In the end of the book, Kristy wonders, since there was a box that led to Hell, if there is another box that can lead to Paradise. Based on that concept, I opted to make my puzzle box from a clear "crystal" cube and called it "The Exalt Configuration". My Cenobite character was clad in all white. The head was a foam latex cowl and overlapping face appliance. The body was a foam latex suit that was "baked" onto a lycra leotard. The model was dressed in the suit and a separate "blender" piece was used to cover the back zipper. The posture collar was sculpted and cast in a semi rigid urethane. TONY MANDILE. FXMAN182@COMCAST.NET


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