Nightbreed Shuna Sassi Tribute Makeup

This was a makeup I created for a live demo that I presented at a horror convention here in Orlando, Florida (Spooky Empire). All of the molds were created in Smooth-On's new high temp epoxy resin and gelcoat (Epoxacoat HT and Epoxamite HT) and laminated 1.5 oz glass fiber. The foam was Monster Maker's. Rather than use the rubber tubing for quills as was done in the original Shuna Sassi makeup for the film, I opted to strip down and use a few hundred bird and craft feathers of various sizes. The head and face are a foam cowl and overlapping facial appliance and the chest and back are large separate appliances. The whole thing was colored with washes of PAX paint and Skin Illustrator colors. Tony Mandile. FXMAN182@COMCAST.NET
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