King of Blades Makeup (Genderswapped Queen of Blades from Starcraft II)

Here's my makeup for my King of Blades costume!

I created this entire makeup and self applied. (Getting into the suit required some help though!)

This costume was an absolute beast that took 5 months of work - from conception to execution. I absolutely love Kerrigan's design and I wanted to be able to create a genderswapped version that I would be able to cosplay. An array of different techniques were involved in making this from fabrication to sculpting, molding and casting, rigging LEDs in the costume to puppetry in the wings. Her story of revenge really spoke to me as I'm a big fan of dark brooding characters and the chance to sculpt a full bodysuit for myself was one that I was excited to take on. Overall I'm extremely happy with how this turned out.t 

The suit has el wire and leds embedded in it and the wings open up via a wire rig. The suit itself is polyfoam with a latex skin, as are the dreads for the wig and the wings were fabricated from pvc pipe, expanding foam and packing foam. The forehead appliance is an encapsulated silicone piece with spikes sculpted from friendly plastic.

I used a number of Stan Winston courses as reference when creating this build including the 'How to Run Silicone', 'How to make a monster suit', and 'Airbrush veining techniques' lessons when doing research for creating this makeup.

I also created a 'Making Of' video with a look into the process I went through to create the King of Blades - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhJcs-XWreM


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