Best Tutorial For a Beginner?


I want to learn a lot of things: how to sculpt, how to paint, how to make masks, props, animatronics, you get the idea.
I have TDAH and tend to get distracted with other things, so I want to buy a course or two, go trough calmly and then decide if I am going to buy a subscription or not ( because I will probably go trough these contents slowly and might drop my studies and get back to then three months later, is why I prefer to buy the stream vs pay the subscription)

So, I'm browsing the beginner section and I'm trying to decide which course:
a) will teach me how to make something cool, from the very beginning to the end
b) doesn't require a lot of equipments/supplies, since I will have to buy everything that's needed, probably.

Any sugestions?
Thanks! ^^

ps: anybody decided to join here after Jim Henson's Creature Challenge? I did! ^^


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