Ive made a few puppets over the years

I'm really lucky - i get to make puppets for a full time job (occasional props jobs but mostly puppets)

here are a few bits and pieces - I'm UK based so materials are always a little different to what you can get in the states

A flocked dog puppet - He was for a theatre show for Comedian Richard Herring- a very stressful 4 day build  - lots of mechanics for such a small head - ear rise and fall, eye blink, mouth open/close and a drool effect.


The first set of Rod and mouth puppets i ever built for a tour - Thankfully they have come on a long way from here.


Ive made all sorts of others for people as well - As i said - lucky to do this for a job - Will keep adding more to this post when exciting ones come up - or im allowed to post them contractually.

Love seeing puppets from other people so don't be shy.



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