Character makeup- Sterkur tribe

An alien race of beings called the sterkur tribe that have been around for hundreds of years. They are a race where the females are the warriors and heroes of their tribe. They live underground where the men mine for 
precious metals and minerals that  they trade to other planets. They have learned to defend themselves from outside attacks from other races wishing to mine the planet and make a profit for themselves which has lead this once peaceful tribe to become the fierce warriors that they are. Their planet is very barren and dessert like on the surface but beneath there are labyrinth like cities that go on for miles.

This was an original character that was designed for a final project for my prosthetics class. It is run from foam and was painted to depict the desert like atmosphere of the planet my character was from. I also built the staff that my character has that lights up to guide the character through the underground labyrinths and also as a weapon in battle. I also made the cuffs that she is wearing that were mined from the precious metals from her planet. The rest of the character was airbrushed with a pattern similar to that of the face. 


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