Very professionally done :) A mix of Maori and Atlantis. I will once do a shoot for this look, but it just does not fit the schedule.
Gid'ze is a guard at the tower of Qen'du, where the energy stones are kept. She's part of an underwater culture that was driven to the depth of the oceans when foreigners invaded their lands and wanted to erradicate their culture and religion. 
There is more to this character and everything, but it was born in my mind just yesterday, so it needs some more time to come alive more. It's not breathing on its own yet. The tattoos light up though, but not sure when yet. More discovering and investigating needed.
I have no experience with FX makeup and there is no money for it, so this is 10 year old snazaroo paints on myself and some shadows. And a shaky right hand tbh.

Greetings from Belgium
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