I am groot

Hello everybody, I'm posting my last full body character I used for a convention, it´s Groot, and the body was made mainly with a suit made out of fabric covered with industrial cotton an latex, foam applications and also stilts, the head was made using a foam latex prosthetic I made using my full head cast, it took me about a month to have it ready.
As additional data the suit was made in 1 piece, including the very long fingers and has no zipper on it, so I need the help of at least 2 persons to put it on, and because of the materials and the tightness it becomes really hot inside really fast, so I was able to wear it for 8-9 hours as much.
I´m including some photos of the process, pieces testing and painting, I'm sorry for using the photos with my personal project logo but recently I´ve lost a lot of information in my computer, and I was able to recover this photos so far, but I´ll keep trying to recover those in case you´ll need them.
Thank you very much for your support.
finished Groot
Groot with Starlord (Starlord was not made by me)
 TestThe other character was not made by me
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