World of Warcraft Draenei prosthetic makeup

Sculpted, moulded, cast and applied by me. The makeup consists of 5 overlapping appliances; 1) horns, 2) forehead, 3) left cheek, 4) right cheek and 5) chin. I used a mixture of fibre glass and epoxy/polyurethane resin for the moulds and all of the appliances were cast in encapsulated silicone. I prepainted all of the appliances in a silicone/white spirit/oil paint mix and then finished with Skin Illustrators on application day. I styled a 3/4 wig and punched hair into the horn appliance to create a faux hair line and help blend everything in. The horns were cast in silicone and poly foam as I wanted the transition between the horns and the appliances to be unnoticeable

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